Our workshops, highly versatile, are used in education programs from High School to University.

We also provide them for International Cooperation and Solidarity Organizations which send aid workers, staff, or volunteers abroad.

We offer simulations and workshops to businesses that want to train  and reward their employees with personal enrichment sessions in corporate social responsibility.

You can even invite one of our facilitators into your home, for a Kitchen party.

Educonnexion offers four types of customizable workshops:

educonnexion workshop

Classic Interactive Workshops

The following four workshops are compatible with the official Quebec Education Program for Secondary Schools, which follows the progression of learning and reinforces the program’s components and student competencies. Please check individual workshops to see how they comply with official programs.

Trade: “Food Crisis or Trade Crisis?”

We have enough food to feed all of humanity, but a billion people still suffer the consequences of hunger. Why? From colonisation to the present day, this workshop explores the structures of agricultural change and trade with the following subjects: industrial revolution, green revolution, international institutions, food speculation, land grabbing, dumping, intellectual property, GMOs, corporate social responsibility, trade terms deterioration, and strategic poverty reduction plans.

Flexible Format

60-180 min.


Debt: “Who Owes Whom?”

This workshop provides an introduction to globalization and the impacts that governments, institutions and our life-styles have on the so called “Third World”. It explores the origin of debt, poverty and inequality in impoverished countries. It follows the history of these dynamics from the era of colonization to the creation of the international financial institutions, and the economic requirements the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund placed on indebted poor countries. This workshop offers an overview of the different factors contributing to the accumulation of debt, the economic and social consequences, and possible solutions.

Flexible Format

60, 90, 120 min.


Overconsumption: “The Real Price of Low Cost”

In its examination of the human, social and environmental costs of overconsumption, the workshop offers an overview of a complete consumption cycle from extraction to disposal. It includes considerations of externalities, option costs and other key factors of growth, enrichment, and impoverishment. Participants will discuss subjects such as slavery, child labour and its worst forms, local armed conflicts, blood minerals, credit and debt, programmed obsolescence, fashion, marketing, market economy, stagnation and growth, cooperatives, fair trade, power struggles, and land grabbing.

Flexible Format

55-180 min.


Mine: “The Price of Guatemalan Gold”

This workshop explores the social and environmental responsibility of corporations, through a case study of mining projects in Latin America. The workshop also addresses subjects such as extractive processes, human rights, pollution, indigenous issues, and development models. This activity can also be an introduction or conclusion for discussion sessions, panels, documentaries or other activities related to the matter.


Leadership in social responsibility

These workshops engage participants as actors of change, increasing awareness and shifting perspectives. Enrich the team and stimulate social participation among employees ! Click here for more information on the social responsibility program. 

Local and Global Challenges : Hazards and Opportunities

Participants reflect on human rights, social justice, and environmental issues through the telling of real-life stories. Discussion about causes, consequences, solutions and opportunities for change. 60-90 min.


Change the narrative

Your critical knowledge is in the spotlight: myths, realities and illusions of social and international development. This workshop provides the tools needed for an alternative reading and understanding of today’s media. (A change of narrative entails a change of reality!) 60-90 min.


Truth or dare

Is the world truly as we see it? Behind many pressing issues lie a series of compromising truths. How can we deal with these? The workshop teaches analysis techniques, courses of action and innovative strategies of CSR which target the symptoms as well as the causes of present social and environmental issues. Its primary aim is finding efficient and effective solutions. 60-90 min.


Change planning and design

Find proven approaches, innovative techniques and cutting edge strategies through an overview of strategies designed to spur change, whether at the local or global scale. 60-90 min.


Simulation – Risk assessment

After analyzing a project proposal, the group discusses and completes a risk evaluation, taking into account human rights. Option: Simulation of an investment project (mining) or of a development project (agricultural) 60-180 min


Simulation – Stakeholder consultation

Through a challenging role playing game, participants encounter issues involving the consent of local communities during the implementation of projects. Option: Simulation of an investment project (mining) or of a development project (agricultural) 60-180 min


Environmental and social transition

Identify the elements of a rights-based development approach by preparing a logical framework and a results template integrating human rights. 60-90 min


*Please note that you may chose two simulation options if you have enough time at your disposal. Adjustments can be made depending on the group’s situation.

Engagement Workshops

Education in Responsible Global Citizenship

Innovative workshop on key cognitive principles and their implications for education in responsible global citizenship, with multiple themes such as racism and gender equality. These are connected in a coherent approach to the principles of civic responsibility, providing a framework for educators, trainers in the field of human rights and curriculum designers.
120-180 min.


Citizen Advocacy: Strategies and Campaign Development

1. Short version. Analytical tools and campaign development tools are presented, accompanied by two practical basic frameworks.
2. Long version. The workshop includes the exercise of building a campaign, fictional or real, determined by the participants in small or large working group.
50-180 min.


Creating Positive Change

1.Short version. Identifying principles for guiding effective individual or collective actions to create change in a local or global context.
2.Long version. Includes further reflection on the subject, development of project outlines and tools for practical application.
60-180 min.


Motivation Workshops

Screening of documentary “The Great Thirst” accompanied by a discussion workshop to engage youth (in a popular education format). Participants are asked to share their impressions and analyses. The activity provides a pause and a much needed reflection period for high school students at a crucial moment in their lives, at times of great challenges, turmoil and decisions.

Create a space for youth to share their thoughts on spirituality, religion, search for meaning, the need for deeper discussions and a symbolic dimension in their lives, while giving them access to inspiring resources (articles and videos), from all walks of questions to encourage individuals’ independent research.


Some of the most interesting workshops I’ve been given the opportunity to see.

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Informative and enjoyable! When is the next one?

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Empowering, thoughtfully organized and fun!

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