Interconnexion- Community of Practice

What?: A community of practice is a network of people whoeduconnexion-community-b&w share a common concern or interest and come together in a shared space to achieve individual and group goals.

The Interconnexion Project is a community of practice in responsible global citizenship education and peacebuilding that goes beyond this traditional definition.

Why?: Such a permanent and shared space is necessary to face today’s challenges, develop solutions to pressing global problems, and answer the needs of all stakeholders. We want to facilitate the sharing of best practices, the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, and cross-collaboration across disciplines, borders and generations to improve practitioners’ effectiveness and efficiency.

Who?: You! Our community of practice connects all kinds of people: educators, researchers, specialists on global issues, and people working on peacebuilding projects of all scales. Members of the community, called Interconnectors, are committed to teaching, learning and acting as global citizens. They all contribute in their own way to making this world a better place.

How?: We bring people together like never before, and offer you innovative online collaborative tools to carry out your projects. Beyond peer support and community-driven resource creation, we actively create and gather content, tools, resources and trainings, and enable members to find what they need right away.

Where?: On your very own computer! We provide the virtual platform for the community, so you can access it from wherever you are.

This is what makes Interconnexion the first global community of practice of its kind.

Sponsorship – Are you interested?

We are looking for financial contributors and partners to kickstart this initiative beyond its pilot phase, and really build its capacity! We have already received great support from the international community. Preliminary data has shown the project’s relevance, importance and effectiveness – all of which promise huge potential.
Fifty individuals are currently involved in various roles, building the program and/or benefiting from it.

The Business and development plan and sponsorship packages are available upon request.

If you would like to support the program financially, please contact us at

Join the Community

We are taking the names of everyone interested to show Interconnexion’s potential to funders and to assist us in identifying your needs. We will get in touch with you once our capacity increases so that we can integrate you into our community of practice.

If you are interested in this initiative, please contact us:

We can also plan a meeting or phone call (with no commitment on your part) to explore collaboration possibilities – how you could benefit from being an Interconnector or how you could contribute to the community.


The membership fee is a way to support the goals and values of responsible global citizenship, and to foster peace building. We reinvest this fee completely to improve the Interconnexion community – in terms of research, development, civil society support and capacity building – all with the goal of empowering members to effect meaningful change.

Membership packages for organizations are available upon request. Sponsored memberships are forthcoming, as the community grows.

Educonnexion • 1857 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 320 Montreal (QC) H3H 1J9 • 514.933.6797 • Contact us

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