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Volunteers and interns are essential to Educonnexion’s work. Volunteers offer their skills and dedication in exchange for the opportunity to learn about human rights issues in developing areas, to work as part of an energetic team of staff and volunteers and to contribute to the struggle for a more just world. Building a better society requires the personal contribution and involvement of each person. We therefore believe it is our responsibility to offer as many hands-on opportunities as possible to people who are willing to be part of this change. Volunteering is in itself a positive transformative process.

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Current Recruitment Priorities

While most positions are opened, we are specifically recruiting for the following projects and positions: * We are looking for individuals willing to be trained as workshop facilitators and who can make themselves available a few hours per month. * We are looking for researchers to write short articles for our Community of Practice blog.

Available Opportunities

Human Rights Education: Workshop Facilitator Present workshops in elementary or high school, Cegep or University, or for community groups. read more Anywhere Open
Human Rights Education: Research & Development Undertake research and development concerning issues of human rights to create new material for Educonnexion. read more Anywhere Open
Corporate Social Responsibility: Research and Advocacy Participate in one of Educonnexion’s ongoing projects aiming to teach multinational corporations about social responsibility. read more Primarily at office Open
Team Management and Project Coordination The intern will manage or co-manage a particular Educonnexion project and coordinate its team through the delegation of tasks and implementation of a project timeline. read more Anywhere Open
Mentor This individual would be hired to support and cater to the needs of a development project young entrepreneur, or teach a personalized course in global citizenship, human rights or environment. read more Depends on mentee Open
Scientific Reviewer Writing reviews on scientific articles for us to include in our Interconnexion blog. read more Work from home Open
Fundraising and Institutional Development Present workshops in elementary or high school, Cegep or University, or for community groups. read more Anywhere Open
Translator The volunteer will translate Educonnexion material- French-English, English-French. read more Anywhere Open
Social Media and Marketing This intern will work to promote Educonnexion’s image on social media platforms, and create and/or implement marketing strategies to expand the organization’s Internet presence. read more Anywhere Open
Networking and Public Relations This intern will help build the Educonnexion network by expanding its reach within local, national and global communities. They will also help in the establishment of project development plans. read more Anywhere Open
Intern for a Day For High School students unsure of what their career options are. Intern for a day only at the SJC! Get to the see the inside of the organization and live a day in the life of a volunteer. read more SJC office Open

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