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This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have one of our workshops in your own home for a laid-back and fun night – guaranteed!
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Pick a topic that peaks your interest from the list below

  • After decades of foreign aid, there are still millions of people around the world living in extreme poverty. What needs to happen to create positive and long-lasting change?
  • Foreign aid, emergency relief, international cooperation – what’s the difference?
  • Poor countries received millions of dollars in debt relief. Did it help?
  • We live and work here in Quebec. How can we change the world in our spare time?
  • How is our cellphone or bowl of cereal connected to child labor, women’s rights, or biodiversity loss? How can we change that without falling into guilt?


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Contact us to host one of our trained facilitators in your home for a night of fun and learning!

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Invite family and friends

Invite family members and friends who are also interested in this topic. This is a unique opportunity to discuss global issues in depth, to raise awareness with your friends and family, peak their interest, and learn how you can all effect change. And all this in the comfort of your own home!

Cost- Free, but voluntary contributions are appreciated

This activity is free, though donations from participants are much appreciated. These funds enable our team to:

  • Keep producing high quality research
  • Train hundreds of youth in schools in responsible global citizenship
  • Continue implementing the very first Canadian mentorship program in responsible citizenship

Our workshops are used by over 25 international cooperation organizations in Quebec for the training of their employees and volunteers, especially before they go abroad on missions.

Educonnexion is proud to make this expertise available through this grass-roots education offer as it allows to engage with individuals and small groups in a new personalized way that is meaningful… and fun!

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