Social Responsibility Impact Leaders (SRIL)

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Evolving in a world full of challenges, businesses play a central role in the transition to a socially and environmentally sustainable world.

The Social Responsibility Impact Leaders (SRIL) program, based on a human-rights approach, reinforces your corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Four choices tailored to  your needs:

Leaders d'impact en responsabilité sociale active (LIRA)


Enrich and stimulate the team
Broaden participants’ perspectives through these CSR workshops, a unique approach to equip participants as impact citizens: challenges of humanity, local issues, human rights, impact strategies, how to rethink change etc.

Discover our workshops 


Ideal for action committees, CSR or project managers, or anyone willing to have a social impact

 Individual or small-group follow-up to equip for change or create concrete initiatives

Custom-tailored path, participative process, impact resources and tools fined to the latest developments

CSR Support

Develop, reinforce or support your corporate social responsibility strategy

A collaborative approach and innovating tools in four choices:

  • Brainstorming activities
  • Action plan development
  • Implementation support
  • Follow-up and evaluation of CSR strategies, through a human rights approach


Increase the team’s social engagement through a local or international project. 
Implication in the implementation or reinforcement of a community-based project. Tailored formula possible through our partner organizations 

Free Service

Thanks to the generous support of the Ministère des relations internationales et de la Francophonie du Québec, this program is free for a year

Discover the workshops

Leadership in social responsibility

These workshops engage participants as actors of change, increasing awareness and shifting perspectives. The goals are to enrich the team and to stimulate social participation among employees and companies. 


Local and Global Challenges : Hazards and Opportunities

Participants reflect on human rights, social justice, and environmental issues through the telling of real-life stories. Discussion about causes, consequences, solutions and opportunities for change.

45-90 min.


Change the narrative

Your critical knowledge is in the spotlight: myths, realities and illusions of social and international development. This workshop provides the tools needed for an alternative reading and understanding of today’s media. (A change of narrative entails a change of reality!)

45-90 min.


Truth or dare

Is the world truly as we see it? Behind many pressing issues lie a series of compromising truths. How can we deal with these? The workshop teaches analysis techniques, courses of action and innovative strategies of CSR which target the symptoms as well as the causes of present social and environmental issues. Its primary aim is finding efficient and effective solutions.

45-90 min.


Change planning and design

Find proven approaches, innovative techniques and cutting edge strategies through an overview of strategies designed to spur change, whether at the local or global scale.

45-90 min.


Simulation–Risk assessment

After analyzing a project proposal, the group discusses and completes a risk evaluation, taking in account human rights.

Option: Simulation of an investment project (mining) or of a development project (agricultural)

60-180 min


Simulation – Stakeholder consultation

Through a challenging role playing game, participants encounter issues involving the consent of local communities during the implementation of projects.

Option: Simulation of an investment project (mining) or of a development project (agricultural)

60-180 min


Environmental and social transition

Identify the elements of a rights-based development approach by preparing a logical framework and a results template integrating human rights.

45-90 min


*Please note that you may chose two simulation options if you have enough time at your disposal. Adjustments can be made depending on the group’s situation.

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Project manager : Social Responsability Impact Leaders

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